Rambling Racist Erotic Doodles

This post will contain none of the things listed above.

I only call it that because a friend of mine jokingly said he would not look at this site if it contained any of those. And as of yet, it doesn’t.

I acknowledge quite openly that I ramble, sometimes I have nothing to say at all, yet at others I can talk for hours, sometimes without actually saying anything.

Part of what makes this so great is I can keep on typing, not having to worry about word counts, not having to worry about deadlines, I work at my own speed, setting my own pace, and thinking about what I want to. And what makes it even better is that even if someone does winding up reading this, I have already spoken.

On this page, my word is law.

I feel like I want to clear the air slightly, while I know full well that I am by no means racist, and have no intention of ever being so, the anonymity can sometimes work against me, as the people out there don’t know me, so for the record, I am not.

And while I do like to doodle, I always carry my notebook around with me, after all, you never know when inspirartion will strike, none of the doodles I have done have ever been Erotic (and nor for that matter, are any of the pictures I drew with intent)

Most of my doodles are story related, I get an idea for something I am working on, and if I think it will help to do a quick diagram to help me remember, I will do so. I have maps of various lands I designed, drawings of buildings, aircraft and even a couple of dragons jotted about. Although these days my focus is more on the tails.

One page in one of my (many) notebooks is just coated in pictures of human faces, as at the time I was experimenting with different hairstyles for my characters and wanted to try to help visualise them. It seemed no matter how hard I tried to draw a female face, it just ended up looking like an effeminate man, though still distinctly male. So when I took advice on how to make the face more female, they just ended up looking like weird transvestites.

In the end I gave up.

Bleach inspired swords with wings, designs for airship/helicopter blends, drawings of rooms, anagrams, my notebooks are just overfilled with the most confusing drivel. I attempted at one point to convert all my notes to newer and less tattered notebooks in a more organised manner, that fell though pretty quickly when I realised copying over sketches wasn’t going to work.

Anyway the picture below is the Bleach inspired doodle I found in one of my older notepads. I cant remember what I named my zanpakuto, but it will probably come to me eventually.

I lied in the first line.





I have a particular coin that I like to keep close by when I write.

I’ve had it for quite some time now, though I don’t fully recall how I wound up with it. And based upon a little searching I have done I get the feeling it is a Ukrainian Currency, which I think is pretty interesting.

On once side it has a picture of an aircraft, or, more specifically, an Antonov, AN-140

I’m not fully sure what it is about it, but I’ve liked the study of aircraft for as long as I can remember, so having this coin by my side whenever I write just makes me feel more creative, and more at home while I do so.

Anyway this I is just a short post until I can think of something more long winded and more of a series.

What I would like to do is talk about something meaningful, but until an idea strikes I guess I’ll just keep posting random gibberish


Uniquely Sexual?

I lost this blog for some time.

About a year I think. I set it up, and then forgot about it, and then when I remembered, I wasn’t entirely sure what I had named it nor which site I had used. Clever Huh?

The other day I was explaining to a friend how my carelessness and general stupidity allowed me to forget about the site, he asked me the question that, in reality, I have no idea why I didn’t ask myself. “Why didn’t you just type the title into Google?”

Now I admit that I had forgotten about the ‘Ramblings’ part, though I remembered the word ‘Uninventive’ (obviously)

Then I told him my, I don’t know what you call it, a subtitle? subtext? I have no idea what its called. Anyway I told him what it is. “The strange thoughts and ramblings of a Dirty-Blonde Bagging machine.” And he laughed, stating that be it intentional or not, it sounded strangely sexual.

Just to clear the air slightly, it was not an intentional thing, and to be honest even after he explained it to me I still don’t see it.

He elaborated that the combination of the words ‘Dirty’ and ‘Bagging’ coupled with the ‘Blonde’ and ‘Machine’ gave the sentence a weird edge.

All right I admit it a little, I can kind of see where he is coming from, I suppose when you hear it, it sounds slightly different to when it’s written down? I don’t know.

But, for the record, I used that title because its the name a friend at work gave me once. My hair being a Dirty-Blonde colour while a part of my job involves the delivery and preparation of bags, thus, ‘Bagging Machine’

Admittedly I don’t like to think of my hair colour as ‘Dirty’ but as an overall title it seems to work, so I will live with it for the present time.

Or at least until I forget about this site again.



Today at work I got really worked up over this word.

Due to the tired state of mind I was in, as this was my twelfth day at work in a row and I was close to the end of my shift, I was having a lot of difficulty forming contingent words.

In an effort to explain myself, I tried to say to one of my colleagues that I was struggling to be intelligible. Thus starting a short series of events in which two of them looked at me in an incredibly confused manner, as I desperately tried to actually say the word properly.

A bigger issue arose when I did actually manage to say the word, but because I had been trying so hard to say it, that when I spoke the word out, in my head it didn’t sound right, no matter how I pronounced it.

I then became incredibly flustered as I desperately tried to say the word properly, this wound up prompting laughter from the two colleagues that were there, neither of which seemed to know the proper pronunciation of the word, nor did they seem to have actually heard of the word before. Unfortunately and inevitably this flustered me more, which only served to prompt more laughter from the both of them.

One of them then made the rather wise suggestion that I should put the thought aside and forget about it for the time being, and it would be liable that the word would come to me later. I fought the suggestion for a few moments, but reluctantly agreed.

Unfortunately, stubborn as I am, the next person I saw I almost immediately asked. However this only prompted another confused look and admission that they also had no idea what I was talking about.

I think it was as this point I was asked if I was utterly confident the word was actually real, and not something I had made up.

Considering the sheer amount of words I have made up for things I have written in the past, i did consider the thought. But my stubbornness pressed on and I argued back that I knew I was right. (Great argument I know)

Eventually I left the department to run a quick errand, and on the way back convinced myself to quickly look the word up, and discover that, to my delight, the word was indeed real, and that I had been pronouncing it correctly the entire time. (I admit the last part was a little annoying.)

When I made it back to the others for some reason I felt this weird need to gloat a little, to prove to them that I was in fact not insane. I was eventually told to ‘Chill’ so I made a ‘Brrrr’ noise.

While I believe most of what was said was done in good humour, looking back I feel now I may have come across a little more aggressively than I meant to. So tomorrow I will make sure I apologise about that.

I may have an ego problem.



Sometimes I wish I had something interesting to say.

Seeing how I have never blogged before, I have no idea what things I am supposed to put up here, am I supposed to say something that will intrigue? That will fascinate? ¬†Because if that is the case, then I’m in a really bad situation, because truth be told. I’m not all that interesting.

Something I have always known though, is that inspiration can strike in the strangest of places. For me, i happened the other day when I watched both ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ and ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ for the first time.

I was very late into the game of actually watching these, but nonetheless I was blown away by how astoundingly brilliant they were. I don’t even care that people would think me too old for films such as these, I practically fell in love with the both of them.

For me, finding inspiration is important, I like to write and create, (Though I am more of a storyteller than a blogger, as anyone who reads this will probably figure out) My main problem is I find it very difficult to stick with one particular idea, I find it incredibly easy to get sidetracked on an entirely new project, and by the time I manage to make it back to an older one, my style has changed so much, and I have come up with so many new ideas for the older projects that I have to start almost from scratch.

When I was younger I did attempt writing a story about Dragons and the like. It didn’t get very far, but I still have a lot of the notes and designs I created stored away in a file somewhere, just waiting to be opened and reused.

Something I like to do when I am writing is listen to music, the issue falls into that if I listen to music with lyrics, I wind up attempting to sing along, regardless of what it is. Instead I listen to soundtracks and orchestral pieces. The Gravity OST is a personal Favorited to listen to, but I am definity adding the HTTYD 1 and 2 soundtracks to it, as they are amazing.

I’ve gone off on many tangents in this and not really said anything. So I’ll try again when I have an actual topic or something proper to say.