Today at work I got really worked up over this word.

Due to the tired state of mind I was in, as this was my twelfth day at work in a row and I was close to the end of my shift, I was having a lot of difficulty forming contingent words.

In an effort to explain myself, I tried to say to one of my colleagues that I was struggling to be intelligible. Thus starting a short series of events in which two of them looked at me in an incredibly confused manner, as I desperately tried to actually say the word properly.

A bigger issue arose when I did actually manage to say the word, but because I had been trying so hard to say it, that when I spoke the word out, in my head it didn’t sound right, no matter how I pronounced it.

I then became incredibly flustered as I desperately tried to say the word properly, this wound up prompting laughter from the two colleagues that were there, neither of which seemed to know the proper pronunciation of the word, nor did they seem to have actually heard of the word before. Unfortunately and inevitably this flustered me more, which only served to prompt more laughter from the both of them.

One of them then made the rather wise suggestion that I should put the thought aside and forget about it for the time being, and it would be liable that the word would come to me later. I fought the suggestion for a few moments, but reluctantly agreed.

Unfortunately, stubborn as I am, the next person I saw I almost immediately asked. However this only prompted another confused look and admission that they also had no idea what I was talking about.

I think it was as this point I was asked if I was utterly confident the word was actually real, and not something I had made up.

Considering the sheer amount of words I have made up for things I have written in the past, i did consider the thought. But my stubbornness pressed on and I argued back that I knew I was right. (Great argument I know)

Eventually I left the department to run a quick errand, and on the way back convinced myself to quickly look the word up, and discover that, to my delight, the word was indeed real, and that I had been pronouncing it correctly the entire time. (I admit the last part was a little annoying.)

When I made it back to the others for some reason I felt this weird need to gloat a little, to prove to them that I was in fact not insane. I was eventually told to ‘Chill’ so I made a ‘Brrrr’ noise.

While I believe most of what was said was done in good humour, looking back I feel now I may have come across a little more aggressively than I meant to. So tomorrow I will make sure I apologise about that.

I may have an ego problem.



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