Uniquely Sexual?

I lost this blog for some time.

About a year I think. I set it up, and then forgot about it, and then when I remembered, I wasn’t entirely sure what I had named it nor which site I had used. Clever Huh?

The other day I was explaining to a friend how my carelessness and general stupidity allowed me to forget about the site, he asked me the question that, in reality, I have no idea why I didn’t ask myself. “Why didn’t you just type the title into Google?”

Now I admit that I had forgotten about the ‘Ramblings’ part, though I remembered the word ‘Uninventive’ (obviously)

Then I told him my, I don’t know what you call it, a subtitle? subtext? I have no idea what its called. Anyway I told him what it is. “The strange thoughts and ramblings of a Dirty-Blonde Bagging machine.” And he laughed, stating that be it intentional or not, it sounded strangely sexual.

Just to clear the air slightly, it was not an intentional thing, and to be honest even after he explained it to me I still don’t see it.

He elaborated that the combination of the words ‘Dirty’ and ‘Bagging’ coupled with the ‘Blonde’ and ‘Machine’ gave the sentence a weird edge.

All right I admit it a little, I can kind of see where he is coming from, I suppose when you hear it, it sounds slightly different to when it’s written down? I don’t know.

But, for the record, I used that title because its the name a friend at work gave me once. My hair being a Dirty-Blonde colour while a part of my job involves the delivery and preparation of bags, thus, ‘Bagging Machine’

Admittedly I don’t like to think of my hair colour as ‘Dirty’ but as an overall title it seems to work, so I will live with it for the present time.

Or at least until I forget about this site again.



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