Uninventive Ramblings

Rambling Racist Erotic Doodles


This post will contain none of the things listed above.

I only call it that because a friend of mine jokingly said he would not look at this site if it contained any of those. And as of yet, it doesn’t.

I acknowledge quite openly that I ramble, sometimes I have nothing to say at all, yet at others I can talk for hours, sometimes without actually saying anything.

Part of what makes this so great is I can keep on typing, not having to worry about word counts, not having to worry about deadlines, I work at my own speed, setting my own pace, and thinking about what I want to. And what makes it even better is that even if someone does winding up reading this, I have already spoken.

On this page, my word is law.

I feel like I want to clear the air slightly, while I know full well that I am by no means racist, and have no intention of ever being so, the anonymity can sometimes work against me, as the people out there don’t know me, so for the record, I am not.

And while I do like to doodle, I always carry my notebook around with me, after all, you never know when inspirartion will strike, none of the doodles I have done have ever been Erotic (and nor for that matter, are any of the pictures I drew with intent)

Most of my doodles are story related, I get an idea for something I am working on, and if I think it will help to do a quick diagram to help me remember, I will do so. I have maps of various lands I designed, drawings of buildings, aircraft and even a couple of dragons jotted about. Although these days my focus is more on the tails.

One page in one of my (many) notebooks is just coated in pictures of human faces, as at the time I was experimenting with different hairstyles for my characters and wanted to try to help visualise them. It seemed no matter how hard I tried to draw a female face, it just ended up looking like an effeminate man, though still distinctly male. So when I took advice on how to make the face more female, they just ended up looking like weird transvestites.

In the end I gave up.

Bleach inspired swords with wings, designs for airship/helicopter blends, drawings of rooms, anagrams, my notebooks are just overfilled with the most confusing drivel. I attempted at one point to convert all my notes to newer and less tattered notebooks in a more organised manner, that fell though pretty quickly when I realised copying over sketches wasn’t going to work.

Anyway the picture below is the Bleach inspired doodle I found in one of my older notepads. I cant remember what I named my zanpakuto, but it will probably come to me eventually.

I lied in the first line.