I Drink Warm Liquids

Yesterday I went out an bought 1500 Tea-bags.

Feeling thirsty, I had filled the kettle and waited as it boiled. Then, once it had done, gone and fetched my mug. It was at this moment that I came to the realisation that we actually had none, so I went down to the shop for a browse.

Now one thing that I, like most others, am aware of, is that bulk-buying makes for cheaper long term purchases, so I started looking at the larger packets.

As I looked, I think for the first time I realised just how many brands there were, most of which I have had before and liked, so I became unsure as to how to decide.

Eventually I made the decision to just buy all the ones I liked, which resulted in four different packets, and four different brands.

At this point I became slightly curious as to just how many I had in my basket, I calculated that I held 1420.

I think at this point I just felt like pushing the boundaries a bit further, and searched for a pack with 80 in. And quickly found it, on offer, an absolute bonus.

Today I began to ponder over how long these would last, and started to consider how many I would use a day. It became quite difficult to judge, as I drink less on days when I am working, (obviously) so had to ponder over the average.

On a typical morning I have three cups before going to work, but then, depending on what time I finish, I could have anywhere between only two more, or possibly up to five.

So I set an average of seven per day, for myself alone. taking into account how much is drank not by me, I gave a quick estimate and rounded up to eleven per day.

1500 at 11 per day comes to about 135, which means about 19 or so weeks. so I expect to have to restock about halfway though June, or there and there abouts.

So I suppose I will give an update on the Tea situation around then.

For now, I have nothing else to add to the story.




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