The Oath to Order the Moon

I like to look at the moon.

When I am waiting for the bus, or walking at night, I just like to spend a few minutes gazing up at it.

When I first played though the Zelda game Majora’s Mask, I heard the musical piece Oath to Order for the first time, and to this day it is still one that stands out to me as being beautifully produced.

Now there is a particular remix of Oath to Order that I think is brilliant to listen to, a dubstep version by a Youtuber under the name Mike Vader. And this is the version I enjoy listening to when I gaze at the Moon.

There is something about the calming ambiance of that particular piece of music, combined with the glittering beauty of the Earth’s Satellite that I just find so calming and relaxing.

Something I find fascinating about the Moon is just how bright the Moon appears to us, almost a bright white, despite its actual colouring being an almost asphalt grey. Of course there are scientific reasons for this and it can all be explained one way or another using various hypothesises and scientific knowledge.

And I acknowledge this.

I actually really enjoy looking up and researching things I don’t know, simply to find them out.

In fact, I found out its very easy to fool people into thinking you are smarter than you are just by knowing a few facts on various different subjects, not only does it allow you to always have at least one thing to say no matter what the conversation, but you may wind up learning something that the others don’t know, and that can be very impressive.

Needless to say, I try to take full advantage of this.

I guess the point of this is that I, for some reason, suddenly started to see an undying beauty in an object that we all see most nights. (and indeed, often during the day too.)

Someday I would like to write something revolving around the Moon. By which of course I mean write something set either on or near the Moon, not write something and then launch the paper into orbit.

Though I admit the latter would probably get me in at least one newspaper.

Until next time.



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