Fleece Vs Hoodie

Since I was about 17, I think very few days have gone by that I haven’t worn a fleece.

My initial one was dark blue and I gained it initially for use during my Duke of Edinburgh expedition. After which I just kept on wearing it on a daily basis. Probably due to a range of reasons.

-It was comfortable.

-It had three zippable pockets, all of a fairly decent size.

-It was warm without being too thick.

Eventually my friends in College got tired of seeing it everyday and bought me a new one, a mild grey, and though I didn’t wear it as often as the blue one, I still own both.

Then, when I first started working, they provided me with one. It was a similar feel to the first two, which was a huge plus, and though it was completely black, it was still able to not be too warm in summer.

And, although unlike my first one, it only had two pockets, the design of them meant that I could store items in the section that is, to all intents and purposes, outside the pocket. easily able to store at least three A5 notepads, or, to put it a little more in perspective, 6 DVD cases without breaking a sweat.

However, during the colder winter months, having a jumper underneath on the way to work (My work shirt is quite thin) certainly doesn’t go amiss.

It was at about this time last year that I lost three jumpers, all within quick succession of each other.

-The first I spilled milk on while on a night shift, and as I knew it would have dried up and stank before I would have been able to get home to wash it, I binned it. (So I guess not lost Per-Se)

-The second I left in the car of someone who gave me a lift, and I never saw that one again.

-The third, which was easily my favourite of the bunch, I left in a restaurant I went to, and when I went back too fetch it the next day they had already gotten rid of it. (This one was a nice dark green, I had owned it for years and even spilled a little dab of orange paint on it, though that didn’t change my feelings for it.)

So this year, with the mornings being colder again, I decided it was time to replace them.

With a How To Train Your Dragon style, Toothless Hoodie.

I don’t even care, I think its awesome.

The trouble is, I have never owned a Hoodie. At least, not that I can remember. The hood felt weird pressing against the back of my neck, and having it up on my head just felt wrong, and even though I knew I was fully covered and it kept me warm, I still felt exposed.

I’m wondering if this feeling simply comes from my being so used to Fleece’s, so I am hoping that I will grow used to it somewhat.

Though it is warm, and that is what is important, although I admit I had to keep checking my pockets every few seconds to make sure nothing had fallen out. (Nothing did)

But I will make every effort to get used to wearing it, because I think its awesome, and I don’t even care that people may think it is weird.


See ya.



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