Four Mugs

I cleaned four of my mugs today.

Some people think I am unusual because of my antics involving the way I treat my tea mugs, but lets face facts here, I am unusual for far more reasons than that, this mug thing, that’s just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

The way I function is pretty basic at its core, I make a cup of tea, drink it, and then use the same mug to make another one maybe an hour later.

Sometimes the gap isn’t even that long.

I think the thing that bothers people though, is that I don’t tend to wash it between drinks, they can go weeks without getting a thorough scrubbing. In fact the mug I kept at work managed to go for over two years, rinsed every time of course, I’m not a complete slob, but not scrubbed.

But this evening I scrubbed down all four of the mugs I use. (I have a Fifth but its presently full of salt sachets)

I admit they look a lot nicer now.

I would chalk my reasoning for for doing this down to three main reasons.

– Try as hard as I can to be productive all the time, I’m often lazy as fuck.

– The tea actually tastes better in my opinion when the mug is like this.

– I just don’t care what the people who see it think.

I have somehow managed to assert myself within the workplace as the cheerful, amusing and relaxed person, when, in reality, I’m pretty far from being any of them.

My nature has somehow become so that when around people, no matter who they are, I become like this. I mean the fact that I don’t take issue with how strange people think I am is pretty true, but the reason I became this way initially was more of a defence mechanism anyway.

Although I wouldn’t change it.

Being this person has allowed me to view people and observe them from a safe distance, while being as close as I like. I am exposed for my weird antics, and as they see that I am confident in my strange eating habits or pathetic sense of humour, they open up and expose themselves.

I know that this makes me seem like a cold and callous individual, forcing them to expose while I stay hidden, and while this may have been true initially, as I have grown, been beaten down, and learned, my strange personality and traits have become my own.

It may be seen as acting, but its pretty much who I am.

The mugs and my lack of cleaning them just showcase a little bit of who I am, and while I am cheerful around people, I get pretty miserable on my own. I’m amusing to myself because no one else finds my jokes funny. Relaxed is a strange one, because in reality I am, unless something catches me off balance.

For me, when things are at there clearest, is when I am the happiest.

My mugs now look beautiful, but only so long as I let them.



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