Its been a long time since I tried writing poetry.

Looking back, the last time I actually gave it a proper go was about three years ago, and they were all depressing and and a bit dreary.

The issue I take is that poetry has such a wide variety of forms, and, despite the fact that I studied poetry in various forms for about a year back when I was still in school, I still find it strange.

For me and my simple mind, when I read poetry I expect it to have a set flow and rhyming pattern to it, You know, Like A,A,B,B or A,B,A,B something like that. (I’ll skip the obvious ABBA joke)

As a result of my simplicity, almost every poem that I have previously attempted to write, bar maybe one, has adhered to one of the really basic rules.

However with today’s I attempted to break through the barriers I put before myself.

Truth be told, even though I am rather pleased with the end result, I think I will stick to what I so far enjoy doing, and get the impression I am getting better at.


Be they for my short stories, longer stories, posts or even the Webcomic I want to start on soon, I always have ideas for something or other flowing through my mind.

I think what stemmed the thoughts behind the poem I wrote today was a feeling of loneliness. Well, actually not loneliness so much, I’ve grown used to being solitary, but I think the fact I feel this true wanting to do this webcomic idea, but being unable to draw properly, or use computer drawing software at all really, puts me in a bit of a bind, what’s the use of having the creative juices if they are unable to flow?

Of course, having the ability to write is incredibly useful, but when it comes to story writing, I’m usually lacking on the plot, I mean, I’m great with developing characters and working out the small details, but I guess its something I need to work on.

I think I’ll put up the poem as a separate post, it seems like a more sensible thing to do.

That’s all.



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