We all make them, not all are concious, and most of them are so trivial that we don’t even view them as the choice that they were. But this doesn’t make them any less important.

I made the decision to be lazy and not bother uploading anything on here for over a month. Whether or not I like that conclusion is irrelevant, it was made.

It took me a long time to realise and discover fully for myself that, the majority of the time, most decisions are for the most part positive, even if the connotation behind them is not what it first seemed. Now obviously I’m not going to start up the debate on the differences between “Everything happens for a reason” and “There are no mistakes, only life lessons.” I think that treading into that ground is like walking on an ice rink. You know the ice is there and therefore argue that because you can see it, you won’t slip. But the inevitable truth is, you will.

I’m not a psychologist, Sociologist, or anything with a background in how the mind works and how we process the things around us. Heck, half the time, I have no idea how to process my own thoughts. Most of my decision time is spent making the decision to think about the decision at hand, and then not really coming to a conclusion. (Obviously this is more so for the larger ones, I don’t spend an hour a day thinking about what socks to wear.)

I’m not going to pretend that I know what I’m talking about here, I feel that a good number of people, when faced with a big decision ahead, will talk to someone, not necessarily¬†to get advice, but just sometimes because it is useful to gain other perspectives.

Sometimes, to an over-thinker such as myself, it’s easy to feel trapped, going over every possible angle and trying to measure everything up. This for me falls quite nicely into the “No mistakes” philosophy, although I tend to wind up viewing it the other way around. That every possible decision is just a mistake waiting to happen, a problem that my narrow mind will just dig deeper and make worse.

One of the easiest things to do when struck with this is to sit and wallow. And I do that, a lot. I’m good at it.

So, can I offer a solution, or even some form of answer to the plights of this topic? Absolutely not.

In fact I’m willing to make the speculation that most people out there are better at the practicalities of decision making than I am. Of course everyone has different situations and backgrounds that affect how they perceive things, some may not be as free to make as many as others.

Some people are better at making on the spot decisions and are good at thinking on their feet, while others are better when they have time to think things through. and there are others in between. I don’t think there is a set or ‘proper’ way of looking at them, just embrace the way that you do.

I stated a few posts back how I am with poetry, but there has been some I have written in the past, more as an outlet when I’ve been in a down kind of mood. Some of it fits quite well with the emotions of a decision-less struggle. Well, at least if I chop and change.

I can offer no advice nor answers. Only rant into the empty abyss that is the internet.

And I enjoy the feeling of getting it out there, not looking for anything back, not even expecting people to read it. Just the knowledge that it is there.

To all the Uninventive-ettes out there, just do your best.



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