It’s okay for me to be disappointed with today’s solar eclipse right?

I sat outside for just over an hour, camera poised, and yet saw next to nothing. I had the radio playing nearby so I had a rough idea of when the peak coverage was supposed to be. and yet there seemed to be very little change to the overall brightness of the sky, and the whole event seemed rather underwhelming.

I think this is the only time I’ve managed to be disappointed by nature.

Usually I see or hear something that isn’t crafted by mankind and find myself in awe of it.

And it isn’t like I got the day or time wrong, because when I checked the TV in the main room they were showing live coverage, and I could see that other places were getting a truly breathtaking sight.

The Sun is an incredible thing, and even through in my day to day life I don’t tend to play it much heed, on a good day it is possible to feel its intense power first hand. Its a force to be reckoned with. Its an amazing beautiful thing, even if its hard to actually pay attention to or observe.

the Moon is a similar kind of story. I’ve done a post on it before about its intense beauty.

The two coming together is a spectacular event, so even through I was slightly disappointed with what I witnessed, I know a lot of people actually got to see it fully and truly. and I envy them.

Just having had a closer look at the images I took, I can see when the Eclipse was at its peak, and with careful looking its possible to see that the moon didn’t shadow the sun, but the light seemed to bend around it, the light at the edges was so bright that it overpowered the shadow.

Although I admit its a little irritating to seemingly be in the only place in the country where witnessing a dusky darkness didn’t happen. But I suppose I can do some research and be prepared for the next one.



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