Character Profiling -The Assassin-

Like my homeless man, I can’t remember this guys name.

He had a fairly substandard story going for him, he was basically an Assassin who worked for a large underground criminal organisation, and after he completed a job for them, returned home to find that they had betrayed him and killed his family.

Yeah, completely original right?

I never fully worked out the plot for his story, and abandoned it pretty quickly, but he was going to do the fairly typical movie-esque thing of bringing down the organisation he worked for, almost single handedly.

Because if there is one thing huge underworld criminal organisations never anticipate, its that is you betray a man and slaughter his family he will hunt you down.

It seems to be a common trend in the ‘Good guy always wins’ style of book and movie. Admittedly I can see the merit, but these days my style has changed so I try to find a different type of happy ending.

Anyway like I mentioned I abandoned his story pretty quickly in favour of other proejects, but, like my Formerly-posted-about Homeless Man, he lives on in his own way.

His characteristics as a paid assassin formed two of my current characters, both of whom feature in the same story, and both of whom actually work together at certain points.

Due to the fact that I’m still working on the both of these means I’m a little reluctant to give away too much of their inner workings, but needless to say that one gained more of his cold and calculated side, while the other took on the dramatic flair and passion of American Muscle cars.

Quite clearly, the latter is the more fun to write about, which is obviously why the colder and more professional one is a more prominent character. This is mainly down to the fact that plots remain my weakest link, and I try to avoid taking from them when I can.

I don’t have much more to say about this chap, but I must admit I’m enjoying these, even if their isn’t much purpose to them.

Stay frosty