Failings and Hopeful Tips

Little over a month ago I wrote a post giving you all a few updates on the things that were (and still are) happening in my life at the moment, at least with regards to this Blog and its related projects.

One of the updates was that I had written a couple of short stories to enter into a contest.

Well, first off, I only entered two of them, as the third, titled ‘Elevator Uprising’ hit a bit of a snag when I became disappointed with the direction the ending was heading and stopped working on it, and still haven’t finished it yet.

So, I only entered the other two, titled ‘Conscious Subconscious’ and ‘I Was Created’

And I saw today that I wasn’t short-listed.

Naturally, I was a little disappointed.

Now, they, I think in the next week or so, are going to release and publish the winners on to their website, so at least then I will know what I lost to. Not to say that the judges wouldn’t have the right decision, that would just be pride talking on my part. I would just like to see.

I think the part that bothers me is that I was really hoping for a positive turn, writing is a big thing for me so its a bit of a blow to the system.

Now, before I bore you all with my soppy story completely, I’m going to hopefully find an answer to the question I have been asking myself lately.

“What is a Blog supposed to be?”

It seems like a lot of the time I’ve only been using it as a sort of ranting page, where I can complain about my day, never really offering anything in return. And I think that’s where I’ve been going wrong.

I feel I should at least be offering you something, maybe an insight, maybe advice, maybe some tips?

The trouble is. I can’t do that, I’m not all that smart. And to be honest, if you search for just about anything these days there will almost always be a ton of posts, videos and websites commenting on it already.

So, how do you be original in a world where pretty much everything that can be done, has been?

I guess this I know a little about as I am actually trying to make a lasting impact.

So, here goes.

– Don’t try to be original, there is no such thing. If you have an idea, a goal you want to aim for, just try to hit it, don’t let those stand in your way.

– they say that to fully achieve something, you should dedicate 100% of your time an effort to that task. Now with this clearly not being practical, setting aside time for the goal is the better way, even if it is just an hour a week, that’s still more progress than none at all.

– Find support, but not too much. I have no idea if I have done this right or not, but the way I have worked all this out is, I have a few close friends who know I have a Blog, but although they know I have it, I never told them the actual name, only hints, so I have no idea if they have read it or not.

I’m getting sidetracked on this last point. You want people to support you in what you are endeavouring to accomplish, but I would say you only want a few, close people who will check up on your progress and review it (Should it be something that needs reviewing) but you don’t want too many of them, else the you would probably wind up feeling the pressure of it.

The way I have worked this is by only giving hints of the website to those who are interested, and then at least if they actively seek it out I will know they are actually interested.

In this respect, I don’t think I ever plan on revealing myself, at least not for the time being.

Anyway, I hope those pointers turn out useful, even if only to one of you, I’ll feel somewhat useful again then at least.

I’ll probably put one of the short stories up here in due time, at least if I work out how best to go about doing that.

Take care



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