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What would people define success as?

I get the impression that some would put success down as a good career. others may say fame, others might want the large house and the money.

Then there are some for whom success is more along the lines of happiness, and depending on who you are and your mindset, happiness could come with some of the above, or possibly even viewing the family life as being a successful one.

Obviously I can’t list all the different types of success on here, partially because I don’t know them all and don’t really want to list everything. But more so because I don’t want to go into this topic in that way. Because I want to talk about what this Blog actually is, within the confines of the topic of success.

Now I mentioned in my last post about the YouTube channel I hope to set up, but that links together with topic of success too.

Three tier creative project for me is as follows.

1- This Blog.

2- My deviantart account.

3- YouTube.

The Blog’s main purpose is to inform, to talk about topics that I feel matter or that are important to me, or sometimes because I hope there are people out there with a similar view or mindset to me. My Deviantart account is there because I really like to draw and am hoping to get back into it again, as well as I have hopes to turn one of my short stories into a web-comic and upload it onto there. And if the Channel’s purpose goes according to plan, it will become a source of what will hopefully be useful information to at least a few people.

So, bringing back the topic of success.

My hopes for the three sites are that people will find them either interesting or informative. Now I acknowledge that I am still in the early days and am basically still getting started, but I will consider myself a success when someone gets something out of them.

I’m not talking a life changing experience from reading something I have put (Though lets not rule that out) but if at some point someone reads a post, or sees a picture that I  have uploaded, and goes away thinking about how they never thought of it that way before, then I shall consider myself a success.

Now I would consider myself a pretty mediocre person, and I guess with that my dreams and aspirations are pretty average, I won’t say small, because I think personally that they are pretty big, but others just might not. I think like a lot of people I would like to end up with a career, a good job at the end. More so about the feeling of being challenged than the monetary side of things, although financial security is obviously important, given that another of my dreams is to one day have a wife, maybe a couple of children. Many years down the line it feels of course, but always bears thinking about.

Now, I said the word mediocre before because of the nature of myself, I think I can honestly say that I have never excelled at anything, I have always been surrounded by people who are incredibly gifted in one way or another, but myself, haven’t been. Although with that comes the ability to quickly learn to do pretty much any task, but I will never excel at it.

So how can I talk about success? How can I, a self proclaimed non-exceller, talk about being a success?

I suppose I can’t.

We live in a very individualistic society, where we are told. “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Do I believe that? No. I don’t.

You need more than just the willpower. you need the time, you need the inspiration, and this isn’t just inspiration to get started, getting started is easy. You need inspiration to keep pushing you, always be on the lookout for more. And as I said in my last post, you need a little support.

So, what can I say?

I’m not a success yet, but I have the four things I need to become one.

So the only bit of advice (If you can call it that) to becoming a success are these four things.

Four things you will need a constant supply of. Determination/Willpower, Time, Inspiration, and Support.

I wish you all the best.

Work hard, I’ll be rooting for you.