Does writing matter?

Why do I write?

The other day I was struck with inspiration for a new idea for a short project to write. I haven’t gotten round to it yet as I’ve been rather busy but, I did make notes on it so when I do get started it is all prepped and ready.

But this did get me thinking, what are my reasons for writing? What are my goals?

So, I want to narrow my writing forms into two categories.

Writing for ideas. and Writing to be read.

Now this may seem a bit strange, but rest assured, I am going to explain what I mean.

Firstly, Writing to be read.

It would be very easy for me to just throw some words together on a page and just say “I wrote something.” But I am to expect people to read my work, it is only fair that I do two things. Firstly make it legible and actually readable. Secondly, make it interesting.

Now from what I understand, people mainly read for two reasons, either they are interested in the topic at hand, or they find themselves drawn in by well worded works.

Now as I am aware that for the most part the things I am interested in a lot of other people (at least those I have met so far) are not interested in, so if I were to try to write something for them to read, I would either have to make it about something they like, or really try to make it interesting, so they want to.

Thus the conundrum of my writing. They wouldn’t read about what I would unless I made it exhilarating in some way. Which, rather obviously is not a strong suit of mine.

But, if I were to want someone to read something I have written, I have no choice but to do one of those things. And as for the most part I know very little of what interests other people, I have no choice but to try to raw them in by keeping the pace fast and the excitement high.

Admittedly not much of my writing falls into this category, although admittedly I have a few projects that are rather like that, I have them on hold while I am trying to get other things moving.

So, the other category I mentioned. Writing for ideas.

Admittedly this seems a little vague, even to me, but what it means is rather basic. (I think)

A good amount of the inspiration that hits me is for ideas that seem a little outrageous or somewhat unusual, bit it seems to be what I am good at, and people always seem to say things like “Play to your strengths.”

So, when I say I write for the ideas, what I basically mean is, I write because I get ideas that I think are unusual. Ideas that I both like, and think others may not have thought about.

As a couple of examples, “What would happen if Elevators tried to rise up against humanity?” Or “How does a Painting perceive the world?”

But I think it’s fair to saw that a good reason behind my writing is simply because I enjoy it, I like to be productive, and having something to show for my time is something that writing certainly allows me to do. Not only that, it really helps me express myself somewhat, and that, obviously, is rather important.

Now I have only covered a couple of reasons for writing, and even then only talked about two categories, and only my own at that. Other people write for reasons, maybe to inform, to entertain, or to try to shed some light on a matter.

But for whatever reason, writing is an important tool, one to be nurtured. And certainly one to be respected.

I always hate it when people go to art galleries, only to look at works and say things like, “I could have done that.” Or “That could have been done by a child.” ┬áIt bothers me because without even a second thought as to the meaning, reasoning or effort behind it, it is already written off. The same goes for writing, it’s very easy to be written off, very quickly.

So why do I write? Because I like it, and because I hope to at least have some small impact.

Maybe others write for the same reason, or it could be vastly different. But that doesn’t make it any more or less important. As to a writer, a writer is a writer. Someone to respect.

We have a tough time, just to shine a little light.

You are reading this, and you have my undying support.