I can’t think of a title

Is it important to always have something to say?

I tend to go through phases with this blog, sometimes posting twice a week, at other times, taking an entire month off. I’m completely erratic with when I want to say something, and its more or less just when I feel I have something to say. Not necessarily something of any value, but just something in general.

Which begs the question, is it important to always have something to say?

I ask this because I’m almost feeling bad for having not posted anything in about three weeks, which actually feels like an exceptionally long time now I think about it. (Although lets face facts, It really isn’t all that long)

But the fact that I feel bad about not having had anything to say for the past few weeks tells me, or, more so helps confirm something about myself. I really like to be creative and have something to show for my time, thus why I seem to have all these different things on the go all at the same time. However this creates problems on two fronts; so many different things tends to mean I rapidly switch between them, making slow progress with each individually. The other problem stems from procrastination, and as I switch between my differing projects, I spend days doing nothing in between.

So If I have nothing to show for my time, it really puts a slump in my mood and brings me down, so usually I make a rule that if I am not at work, I have to do at least one productive thing throughout it. By productive here I mean something I have to show for my time, be it stitching, a bit of writing, drawing or sometimes just sorting things out. Something I can look at afterwards and feel at least a small sense of accomplishment.

So back to my previous question. I am one of those people that fluctuates rather rapidly, sometimes I don’t really care for saying anything and am more likely to just sit and listen, while at others I would quite easily talk for hours about something you couldn’t care less about.

But do I think its important to always have something to say?

Now this may just be my introverted, quiet nature speaking (In fact it definitely is) But I think I can honestly say no, It isn’t all that important, in fact sometimes its really helpful to just sit back and observe.

Through 2014 I think its safe to say I did a lot of stuff, I went on weekend trips multiple times, as well as taking four short trips away (Though to only two places, I just went to each one twice) I completed two short stories as well as revamping and restarting two of my older projects. suffice it to say I moved around a lot and kept myself incredibly busy.

This year has been less dramatic, I’ve been away once (Admittedly further and for longer) completed one (main) short story and done a few fresh drawings. Couple those with this blog, and I have done a good amount. The main difference being that I’ve been more relaxed and not tried to force anything.

This year has been far more relaxed, and I think I have taken more in, just because I allowed myself the chance to take it all in, I’ve read more, watched more (I fell in love with so many movies this year it’s unreal) but doing all this has allowed new waves of inspiration to smack me in the face.

So not always having something to say can be great for the system.

There is quite a famous quote related to this, that reads; “The Earth has music for those who listen.”

I think it extends further than that though. Admittedly I, like many, have fallen victim to the general feeling of rushingness and ignoring everything around me, hardly ever just taking the time of day to just stop and listen, or sometimes even think. But it extends further in the sense of not only does the earth have the music, but other people do too.

Everyone expresses themselves in different ways, but for the most part we only seem to listen to or see those who express themselves directly, as opposed to through other means.

Something I love to do is listen to movie soundtracks, they are often fantastic but overshadowed by the movie itself, but there is a lot of expression in there that is often missed. Some of these composers pour their heart and soul into the sounds they produce. While Fullbright company produced one of the most compelling and expressive games I’ve ever played in the form of Gone Home.

Now I’m not saying that these will be the right steps for everyone, nor am I trying to rope people into trying to do things the way I do. What I am trying to say however, is just to sometimes just slow down, stop speaking, and see what it around you that you find inspiring.

After all, you never know what you might find out there.

this has been a little longer than usual, my apologies.

Stay frosty.