The Upwards Climb

This post has been a long time coming.

After a hectic few months, I’m finally back in a place where posting something worthwhile and hopefully useful.

But first, a little bit of information.

Around this time last year I went for a job interview that I thought would be the perfect opportunity for me to take the next step up the corporate ladder (as I believe it is called) however I got unlucky and as such had to remain where I was.

I’ll admit, I wallowed in this for a while. At the time I wasn’t really enjoying my job and the prospect of continuing doing it just wasn’t something I was thrilled at. But I decided to buckle down and continue onwards, and as get more involved with the goings-on of the department. Doing favours for them and actually getting to know some of them properly. And as such, I actually began to enjoy it.

A few weeks ago I went for another interview for the same job, and this time I secured a position, something I was incredibly surprised by.

Now I’m about to say two things that are both seen as cliché, but both are things that, over the past year, have become apparent.

Firstly. If you want something enough, It will happen. If you put forth the effort and time, if you keep working towards it, it will happen. I mentioned once in a previous post that sometimes just an hour a week working towards a goal could be sufficient, and to a point this is true. The reason I said an hour a week is that if you have other responsibilities, be they work or otherwise, sometimes finding the time can be difficult. So just using what little time you have available is the key. Or sometimes just using it for something similar.

I have a nine part series I one day want to write, I have most of the plots and other details mapped out, but because I am trying to focus on gaining a career at the moment, it has had to be put on hold for the time being. So instead I practice my writing both through this blog, and through other short stories I occasionally write. I still put forth some time, and am never giving up on that dream.

But I guess the more solid example is the fact that although it took nearly two years to achieve, I am now moving towards a job with more open doors, I knew I wanted it and made the effort to get there.

The second thing is another cliché: Enjoy where you are.

This sounds really stupid given the first point I made, but it fits in its own way too.

There is the all too well known expression of “Smile and the world smiles with you” and while it may sound stupid, in my experience it is genuinely true. As the more I began to focus on the better sides of my job, the more I began to enjoy the company of those I worked with and the more willing I became to do favours for them and such.

This enjoyment of the job I was doing is what lead to me also pitching in and doing extra things for them, such as sorting out extra papers for them or doing the occasional errand. As I know they appreciate it and at the same time it made my being there feel even more worth it.

Both of these things inevitably helped when I went for the new job too, as it proved a willingness to help out and go the extra mile, something that helped into the interview.

So that’s why I feel that way, if you enjoy the position you are in, you may end up doing more for those around you, who are likely to return the favour.

I don’t want to act like I know what I’m talking about, but if I can ever give any kind of inspiration or advice, these two things are both ones that I feel may be helpful to those out there who are going through a similar thing.

So it is just those two things:

  • Work at your goal and given time you will achieve it.
  • Enjoy where you are at the moment, and it will repay you in some way.

Take care all of you