The Orbiter. Part 2

They rose from inside the remains of asteroid Raika, their hibernation now over. Eight limbed each and serpentine in nature, they stood at their smallest twenty feet tall, completely imposing in appearance. They made their powers obvious from the start, allowing themselves to be seen as formidable and vicious, but not to be feared, as all they wanted to do was establish a home.

The surface-dwellers who witnessed the beasts referred back to the remains of earth’s history and literature, and discovered that the beasts had clearly visited the planet in the past. For while they called themselves the Gerosus, they were in literature in many forms, under the branching title of ‘Dragon.’

One of the leading impulses in the surface-dweller’s minds was that of survival, ingrained after years of struggling and fighting one another, and while sharing resources often led to starvation. However they knew above anything to never pick a fight they could not win, and this was obviously one of those fights. Instead they struck up an agreement with the Gerosus, giving them free reign of the planet in exchange for a supply of food and not being harmed.

The Gerosus took the offer and spread out, traveling to the six other branches of the world, with a few remaining by the asteroid. Little by little they all adapted to the land they inhabited, taking on different shapes as well as losing the powers they no longer needed. Soon what had been one species of draconic creature became seven different ones, with the original, Gerosus, becoming increasingly rare.

All was well for many years, with both sides living in relative harmony, until the under-dwellers rose to the surface again, and took a disliking to the way the world now looked and operated. They disagreed with the surface-dwellers decision to let the creatures set up home, and tension was created between the three groupings.

Tension that was taken full advantage of by Mackiavelli.

He rose less than a year after the under-dwellers resurfaced, and, borrowing and altering the name of the Italian philosopher, created a heavy rift between the three, pitting them against one another in an attempt to bring all three too their knees. His past had taught him that there should always be three powers, and using the only knowledge he had at hand, attempted to cripple all three at once, bringing them to similar levels.

The under-dwellers were the easiest to sway, just using the dragons to cripple their leaders was enough to cause an uproar, and pitting them against the surface-dwellers took no effort either.

It was during his attempt at pitting the surface-dwellers and dragons against one another that his past came back to haunt him, for rising from the same place as he, came his long-forgotten sister, Andli. She was able to unite a few under-dwellers with some surface-dwellers, and uniting them with three undecided dragons, was able to overthrow and destroy Mackiavelli, sacrificing herself in the process.

In light of the realisation that they were all being manipulated, the three sides came to an agreement, in which the majority of the under-dwellers, who wanted nothing to do with the other two, would set up anew on the other side of the planet, keeping that half for themselves. They blessed their half, the ‘New Earth.’ The Dragons and the surface-dwellers, who had lived in relative harmony before, chose to live together on the remaining half, with the asteroid marking the centre of the land. They chose to name their land after the Dragons original home, ‘Gaelith.’

The three dragons, grateful to those who had aided them, chose to bestow upon them certain powers, which would be unpredictable in nature but generationally passable. The powers allowed the newly dubbed, ‘Gaelithians’ the ability to survive using their powers as their main tool. While the New-Earthians reverted back to the technological ways of old, allowing both to be used and refined at the same time, each unaware of the other.

As a final sign of peace, the dragons chose to give the planet a new moon. Using their capabilities, they brought one, bigger, redder and more beautiful than the original.

As a sign of thanks for the peace the Dragons had brought, the Gaelithians decided to name three of the most prominent features of Gaelith after them. The Asteroid Raika was renamed Grard-Conih, while the two neighbouring capital cities were named Kioso-Brog and Froyk-Da.

All remained well with this arrangement, up until the rise of Vermabay.