The Orbiter. Part 3

Vermabay quickly rose to power, using the Gaelithians with powers to his advantage, siphoning off their powers and absorbing it himself, growing his abilities to immense levels. And converted the land of Gaelith from a monarchy to a dictatorship, usurping the royalty of the time he took control for himself.

Not long before Vermabay’s rise, Dragonslayers had started to appear across the land, they were few, but some had come to realise that the powers normally contained by the beasts, could be transferred to other vessels if the beasts were killed in the right way. Fortunately these slayers were few and far between, as most Gaelithians didn’t want to hunt them, and the few that did attempt to go after the beasts usually died in the process.

One such slayer, calling himself Excaburil, was successful, and, with the mighty dragon Caburnil under his command, formed an alliance with Vermabay.

Both shared two similar views, a desire for greater power, and for the powerless New Earthians to be eliminated. Making way for Gaelithian rule to spread across the entire planet. Vermabay used his increased powers to send Excaburil and Caburnil to New Earth, where Excaburil was able to make use of his new powers to control the population, turning them against one another.

What neither of them had counted on however, was that he wasn’t the first one with powers to move from one side of the planet to the other. For in the years before Vermabay’s rise, others from Gaelith had moved across to New Earth in hopes of making a fresh start, and some of those had been people with powers. And their descendants were immune to Excaburil’s abilities and fought back.

On the other side of the planet Vermabay encountered problems of his own, as the not only had the most powerful sorceress in Gaelith, and thus his only competition, gone into hiding, but the heir to the throne had disappeared also, and his road-living spies were unable to locate him.

Eventually the problems both of them encountered proved to be their undoing, as Vermabay was overthrown by the combined forces of the Sorceress and two separate Heirs, the one he had usurped, and the Heir to the throne of dragon-hood.

Excaburil and Caburnil were eventually overcome by the combined forces of the immune Gaelith descendants, the same Heir to dragon-hood, and three wanderers who refused to settle in either world.

With the defeat of Vermabay the two rightful heirs were able to form their own alliance allowing them to take care of Gaelith in unison, and as such look after the people of the land. The defeat of Excaburil and Caliruba freed the people of New Earth and gave them back their livelihoods.

By this point however, the damage had been done, the New Earthians now saw the Gaelithians as a threat to their way of life, and sought to destroy them. They raged a war against them using weaponry of the past, destroying nearly everything as a result, killing the planet as it stood and exterminating most of the Gaelithians. Those that survived did so by retreating down into the caves built by the original under-dwellers.

A select few used Mackiavelli’s old bunker to hide in, one that had existed even before his time and was built stronger than most, with it also containing a hefty load of supplies, those that’s had stood up against Vermabay and Excaburil grouped together and resided down there for many years.

Once the destruction had ended it became apparent that both halves of the planet were now beyond repair, and the only step available was to vacate it.