For Reynolds and Fisher

Before I start this post proper, I just want to say that the reason I haven’t posted the next part of my story as I usually would because of the sheer volume of work I have had (and still have to do) over the Christmas period, however I plan to be back on track and ready with the next post for the 1st February.

Instead of trying to catch up and post something late, I wanted to post something from the heart, a short, small and simple, tribute, if you can call it that, to Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

I’ve seen a few posts on blogs and pictures in tribute, and they pretty much all have the same thing in common, a mutual respect and adoration for these two icons.


Singin’ in the Rain has been one of my favourite musicals for a long time, and I don’t another one taking that spot for a long time. Reynolds brought that film to life with her grace, style and sheer joviality.

And of course Fisher brought us the character of Leia, one who will go down as one of the characters who changed the face of the way female characters are portrayed, certainly not the first to do so, but one of the most influential.


This influence extends to many things, people and franchises, and certainly to my own workings.

Looking through the list of characters I have created over the years, a fair proportion of my leads have been female, and will likely continue to be. They often wind up being more three-dimensional than any of my male leads (Not by design, they just tend to have more depth and character as they develop) and most of them wind up being my favourite to create.


Even though they may no longer be with us, their legacy will live forever, and many will remember them for the hours of joy they brought us, and the people they will continue to inspire.



I said this would be short, I have never done anything like this before and have no idea what I am doing.



(I don’t know who created the below image, but if found it too beautiful not to share)



The night sky holds many things,

The Clouds to hold the skies tears,

The Stars to give us direction,

The Moon to give us the light.

Remembered you will be,

As we gaze into that night,

The stories that you told,

That you lived,

That you dreamt,

We may not know them all,

But forgotten they will not be.

The emotions you made us feel,

The reactions from us you brought,

You made us laugh,



feel warm on the inside.

Fear not in this moment,

For remembered you will be,

Not by all,

But more importantly,

By those whose hearts you touched.

We thank you,

For the light you brought to us.