So, it has been a long time hasn’t it? A long time since I’ve sat down and done any kind of update or information, so here goes.

First off, I want to apologise  for my lack of blog post this month, June and July hit me with an absolute mountain of deadlines that I was barely able to climb over, and it just meant that all of my time and resources were (and still are being) poured into that.

This has basically been the reason for why there has been no update to the Orbiter, I’ve simply not had the time, and instead of rushing one out haphazardly  I left it until I could do a post that would I hope meet expectations.

I probably should have done a post at the time explaining this but, as with everything I kept putting it off and eventually left it too late, in fact it took prompting for even this post to appear.

So, in the spirit of updates, lets go:

I am still going my current training, the one I started back in January 2016, and am set to finish February 2018, so nearing the end now, though that does mean things will likely get more intense as time goes on, but hopefully I will be more prepared (fingers crossed)

On the evening of Tuesday 11th July, my cat, Boyfriend (yes that was his name) passed away. My Neighbor and I took him in a few years ago off the streets, and it took him a while to get used to human contact, we speculate he may have spent 7 years or so living on the streets, but we have no way of knowing, but his last five years were spent in what we hope was comfort for him. As such loosing him struck us both hard, but, I still had to work and remain professional, but it may be a while yet before I get used to not seeing him when I come home.

In more positive news, (but equally more terrifying) I have taken up driving, and in fact had my second lesson yesterday. It’s scary as shit and I tense up every four seconds or something, and as it stands, when I panic, I relinquish control, which obviously isn’t the best idea behind the wheel of a hefty 40mph vehicle. But at least I know where I want to improve, and I’m still annoyed that I have yet to learn how to brake properly, remember the clutch dammit!

I don’t think there is a great deal else to say at this point, well there would be if I were the sort of person to expose my feelings towards others openly, but I am not yet one of those people, my idea of flirting is just talking to the person I like and hoping they are braver! haha!

Take care Y;all



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