The Orbiter. Part 17

The fury on Madam Nights face was evident as she forced her way into Lord Cammeo’s office, an act that was unheard of on the stations, even not knocking after being invited was unheard of, and Madam Night certainly didn’t have an invitation at this point.

“Where is she!” Madam Night was not usually one for raising her voice, much less shouting.

Lord Cammeo looked up from his desk in surprise. “Madam Night?” he questioned almost silently, before quickly composing himself.

“Don’t give me that look.” Madam Night practically snarled at her fellow committee member. “You made threats at the last meeting to her, and then she goes missing, her shuttle destroyed and in pieces out in space.”

Lord Cammeo slowly sorted the papers in front of him, tapping them into a nice neat pile. “Perhaps you would like to clarify, where is who exactly?”

Madam Night gripped the back of one of the seats tightly, leaning forwards over it. “You know who I’m talking about.”

Lord Cammeo shook his head slightly. “I’m afraid not, so why don’t you tell me what you think I’ve done?”

“Lady Mitch never made it back to her station after our last meeting, and considering the threats you made after the last meeting, it doesn’t take much to put those two together.”

Lord Cammeo blinked. “I made no threats, I only made a comment that I hoped any replacements would be more agreeable, any threat you took away from that was simply your own interpretation.”

Madam Night felt her eyes narrow. “You and I both know that isn’t true, you have always tried to maintain an air of authority over the other members of the committee, and for as long as I have been here always trying to undermine everyone else.”

Lord Cammeo quickly assessed her composure and gestured towards the two vacant seats. “Sit.”

Madam Night felt herself assessing him in return, but chose to sit down in one of the seats.

“Now.” Lord Cammeo continued. “How do you know this has happened?”

“When I tried to contact her the this morning I couldn’t make contact, and when I finally spoke to one of her servants he informed me that she had never even made it back from the metting.

“As such I had the AIMS of Nimura do a biometric scan of the space around itself, and it found the remains of Lady Mitch’s shuttle, in pieces, drifting.”

“Lord Cammeo absorbed this. “And what of Lady Mitch herself?”

Madam Night paused. “She wasn’t found.”

Now it was Lord Cammeo’s turn for his eyes to narrow. “And what does that mean exactly? Maybe it wasn’t her shuttle after all?”

“What I think it means, is that she was taken and had her shuttle destroyed to make it look like an accident.”

Lord Cammeo shook his head. “Be that as it may, even if it was the case I had nothing to do with it, while I may be disappointed in her attempts at causing and uprising against me I would never stoop to such levels.”

“Lady Mitch had her reasons.” Madam Night breathed slowly. “But if you had nothing to do with it then who did? Where is she?”

Lord Cammeo leant forwards onto his desk, meshing his fingers together as he rested gently on his elbows. “I must say though Madam Night, I am surprised to hear you voicing so much concern for Lady Mitch, or is that really the reason you came barging in here?”

Madam Night recoiled slightly, blinking hard. “I don’t know what you mean by that.”

Lord Cammeo let a faint but obvious smirk show. “You don’t? Or do you just wish to claim that you don’t?” Madam Night remained silent, so Lord Cammeo continued. “You came in here claiming that I had threatened yourself and Lady Mitch and that I had likely made strong on that threat. You came in here acting like you were furious that I would dare attack another member of the Committee, knowing full well that I know the repercussions of such a thing. But I know why you really came in here, I know why you were really so angry, and that’s because…” He leant further forwards than before, if the desk hadn’t been there they would have been almost touching. “You were afraid that all the work you had put into befriending Lady Mitch would all be for nothing, that there was an easier option after all.” With that he leant back in his seat, making no effort to hide the fact that he was pleased with himself.

Madam Night said nothing, her eyes refusing to meet his, instead they glazed over, focused on the corner of the room.

“I see I have hit a nerve with you there.” Lord Cammeo continued. “But do not fret, I had nothing to do with the incident, and if you indeed scanned the area, as so you claim, and found no signs of her or her pilot, then I might make the suggestion that they were not in the shuttle at the time, either that or they were collected.” He trailed off for a moment. “If however they weren’t on the ship…” he found himself trailing off as the gears began to turn in his head.

Madam Night looked up at his pause, and was surprised by the expression on his face, one that clearly indicated his being deep in thought. She seized the moment to speak. “So you seem to think they are alive. At least I can take that away from here.”

Lord Cammeo raised an eyebrow as he looked back at her. “Our discussion is now over, I have told you that I had nothing to do with the potential disappearance or harm to fellow committee member Lady Mitch, and that is where I will leave it.” With that he pressed one of the buttons on his desk to open the door to his office, and began filing through his papers again.

Madam Night stood slowly, composing herself as she did so, carefully watching to see what Lord Cammeo would do. He spoke without looking up from his papers. “If I am nothing else I am a man of my word.” He spoke slowly. “Our agreement is still in place despite your little outburst, but if she is still alive out there you find out how she survived and what happened. And…” He looked up at her, Madam Night sure she saw something in his eyes. “Do not ever accuse me of something like that again.”

Madam Night said nothing in response but slowly walked out of the room, and as soon as she had, she felt it swing shut behind her.

At his desk, Lord Cammeo removed his finger from the door control switch and keyed his intercom. “Ember.” He spoke into it calmly.

“Yes Lord Cammeo.” Came the immediate and eager response.

“Tell Byrd to get the shuttle ready.” Lord Cammeo ordered as he stared at the closed door. “I need to make an unscheduled stop.”

“Right away Lord Cammeo.” Ember chirped before ending the call.

Lord Cammeo sat still for a few moments, pondering over his next move, a missing committee member could swing either way, as his opposition would be dwindling and this would strengthen his hand moving forwards. But on the other hand if the other members thought he was responsible then he could lose strength, or worse, be evicted by WES and RUI.

He stood, his mind made up, first he was to find out who had been on Lady Mitch’s side, and then work out who he could trust to support him, as he knew he had the support of some, if though nothing other than intimidation and bargaining.

His mind made up about his next course of action, he stood and left the room, and walked the short distance down the corridor to where his Shuttle was parked. His pilot, Byrd, had already positioned himself in the cockpit, and as such, the moment Lord Cammeo had seated himself, the engines lit up, and the Shuttle left its dock and powered off into space, its destination, Station Scorpion.

Here we go, I sure hope this lives up to expectations!


Part 16

Part One 



Updates part 2

Hello everyone.

Once again I must apologise for my tardiness, I am still drowing under work and have had a manic couple of weeks where I wasn’t even living at home, instead housesitting for some friends of mine, which really threw my schedule off balance, worst of all, disrupting my sleep which means for the last two weeks I’ve been pretty much exhausted all the time. Including right now.

What this means is that the next chunk of the Orbiter is only really half ready, but to be honest as much as it should be, it’s not even my main priority right now, as I still have to sift through and mark potential candidates for a multi-person contribution book for Lent the committee I am a part of are working on, and so far due to being uprooted and tired I’ve done very little sifting, however I do have a four day weekend approaching which I plan to use to do so, as well as hopefully completing the next part of the Orbiter, which I hope will now live up to standards, as well as hopefully more than that, two months is long enough I think.

Instead, I thought this time around I would tell you all a story, as It’s been a while since I’ve done that.

Little over a month ago, I was in Newcastle for a writing conference, well more like a seminar really, but we had a really interesting speaker who trained as an actor, not sure how much I got out of it but it was certainly an interesting take.

During the lunch break I nipped out to get some food, and on the way got stopped by one of those people on the street, I think we’ve all been there right?

Turns out she wasn’t part of any charity, but was instead selling this discount card that offers discounts in many places in exchange for a small subscription fee.

I wasn’t really interested but I always feel bad for the fact that they often get ignored so I stopped to find out what it was all about.

That was when the probing began, asking me questions about where I shop and go out to eat and hobbies and things like that, I suppose in an effort to find out if I would benefit from it.

But, in my panic, there was a certain point where she asked me how much I spent on shopping each week, and when I said I wasn’t sure, she asked if my Girlfriend did it for me, in my panic I said yes.

Now baring in mind that I’ve been single for a good few years now, I had to run with this story, creating new bogus at every turn. including such things as we’ve been together for three months but live apart (fortunately she didn’t pick up on how little sense this made considering I said that she bought the food)

Most of what I said to her was based upon some kind of reality, I said that we went swing and ballroom dancing, which, while not something I do, are something I want to take up. I did make a comment, when she asked if I took out my other half and treated her, which went something along the lines of “Sometimes, but I like to be pampered too, I expect to be treated just as much.” (I paraphrase because I can’t recall exactly, but it was certainly words to that effect) which garnered laughter from us both as she commented that she could learn from that attitude.

This conversation lasted probably a good 10 minutes, me bluffing my way through various questions to gain a discount card I didn’t even want, but did end up with (though I canceled it straight away, sorry darling, but even your charm didn’t change my mind about not actually wanting the thing)

Weirdly enough though, even though most of what I said was total bull, (even if based off something true) I did learn a thing or two about myself, the things I want out of a potential relationship and my my general attitude towards strangers. My work colleague pointed out to me the other day that I would happily talk to anyone (this was after I had a friendly chat with a chap who was drunk on the bus we were both on) and there is a lot of truth to this.

Most people perceive me as being shy and reserved and quiet, of which I will give them the second two, but I don’t consider myself shy, I’m better one-on-one but give me the chance and I will talk your ear off. I don’t often initiate conversations out of the blue (I can often strike up chats with people serving behind bars or on the cash register (on more than one occasion I’ve held people up as a result. And I think this conversation is a prime example, I was able to happily chat away to someone about a topic I essentially made up, and even got a few laughs out of it, certainly growth on my part coming from where I used to be. Sure I’m still quiet but I don’t view it as a bad thing.

So thank you Woman in Newcastle I never got the name of, thank you for an interesting chat, thank you for actually laughing at the terrible jokes and puns I made, but thank you most of all for the opportunity to view this as a part of my growth as a person.

Anyway, this was a semi-interesting story for you all about a recent experience of mine, It’s not much but I found it interesting to look back on.

Stay frosty y’all