December (kind of) updates

Hey everyone

Once again I must apologise for my tardiness with regards to posting, particularly the next part of The Orbiter.

I know I have used this excuse before but now it is more prominent than ever, my training concludes in February and as such over the last couple of months (as is sure to continue) everything work related has kicked into overdrive as the deadlines approach, and as such most of my time has been taken up by that.

To be even more honest, with the amount of writing I have to do for work, when I do get home the last thing I have been wanting to do is write even more for fun, its just felt like more of a chore as a result.

There is also the fact that I always struggle with the middle of stories, and while I know the general direction I want to take The Orbiter in, and I know the ending, I’ve been finding getting there quite difficult.

I have however been reading a lot more lately, and finding new inspiration down avenues such as that.

I think I’ve mentioned before that simple, narrative driven action-less games have a bit of a soft spot on me, which started when I stumbled across Gone Home a couple of years ago. Well this is still the case, the last year or so introducing to me Firewatch and Life is Strange.

And it was upon playing the prequel to Life is Strange that I was hit with a weird mood that I haven’t felt in a while, what it would be like to live in a kind of minimal way, buy an RV and live on the road, seeing new places all the time, never sure where the next destination is, that sort of thing.

I know realistically that wouldn’t work over here in the UK, and if I were to do it it would need to be in the States, where the land is bigger, the roads are longer and also more accommodating to vehicles of this sort.

(on another note, Firewatch made me want to spend a summer in a national park such as Yellowstone)

While this update doesn’t serve much purpose really, it I suppose strikes as a reminder that inspiration, both for stories and the growing of self, can strike from just about anywhere.

And while I would like to say the next Orbiter update will be out on time, looking at my schedule, this seems unlikely.

I might try to think of something else to post in its place but I can but apologise, and say to you to not hold your breath for me.

In the meantime stay well, and have a merry Christmas of course!