Day 7. Flight

Flight was the obsession of all mankind,

And so we predestined a way to find,

A way to soar high,

up into the sky,

and leave the ground that we’re used to behind.


Obtaining this Flight was a process so long,

We made many mistakes and got things so wrong,

We crashed and we burned,

but we constantly yearned,

To be up in the air and belong.


We watched and obsessed with the birds of the air,

To learn their techniques on staying up there,

We knew we would find,

If we drew and designed,

And never gave up in despair.


After time we did build and create,

A craft that could carry our weight,

But as the world shrank,

We went to the bank,

It was time to enlarge and update.


To us on these days the concept of Flight,

Is an amazingly common sight,

But let’s never forget,

The brilliant duet,

Of brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright.


Day 6. Earth

The Earth is the ground on which we stand,

The natural bringer of life,

We farm the crops that grow on the land,

With barely a worry or strife.


We owe so much to our brave old world,

Who gives us the fields so green,

Some plants they grow straight and some they grow twirled,

Fed by the water so clean.


The Earth is a giver of life and death,

Of seedlings and decay,

when people and animals take their last breath,

The earth will take them away.


The Earth has a long hidden history,

With events that have long passed,

Much will remain a mystery,

for their time went by too fast.


The Earth gave life to each and all of us,

This land on which we dwell,

So the message I pass to you is thus,

We must treat her well.

Day 5. Fireworks

What is the best way to watch fireworks?

Is it from the ground or sky?

To us and our untrained eye,

As they light up the night forming artwork.


Fireworks hold a thing of great beauty,

Though this comes at a great cost,

For they explode and are lost,

Never see the result of their duty.


Fireworks bring people a sense of joy,

To those who come to witness,

And to every eyewitness,

Who wished to see something they would enjoy.


Fireworks reach high before they go off,

At their peak they then explode,

The staff below then reload,

And people gasp no one ever dare scoff.


Fireworks give us a fantastic show,

We watch them and feel a thrill,

And cannot help but stand still,

But at the end we are all sad to go.

Day 4. The Moon

Our Moon is like the Sun at night,

in the darkness she gives us light,

the glow she casts on us so white,

to us on earth a pretty sight.

To visit her we did take flight

Stretching upwards to reach her height.


Our Moon is like the sun at night,

Nocturnal ones she does delight,

astronomers she does excite,

with a glow she does cast so bight.

Our visits to her great despite,

how dark her view of us alright.


Our Moon is like the Sun at night,

in the night sky she does ignite,

brighter than a meteorite.

Poems about her we do write,

and those same poems we recite,

as we watch her by firelight.


Our Moon is like the Sun at night,

the banisher of dark outright,

gives evil of the dark a fright.

I say to you this thing tonight,

as she casts her glow overnight,

sleep well- don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Day 3. Feather

They say that birds of a feather,

how they flock together,

but feathers do so many things

They allow the birds of the sky

to spread their wings and fly

and when rain falls helps keep them dry


For Feathers us humans did find

Uses to suit our kind

for nothing is useless to us

Combined with ink to make a pen

which aided our lawmen

Never had to chisel again


In Duvets keep us warm at night

Help arrows maintain flight

as decorations what a sight

they say that birds of a feather

how they stick together

but feathers do so many things


(sorry its a day late, schedule has been a little busy but will hopefully post day 4 and 5 tomorrow)

Day 2. Signs

Signs are all around us,

they teach us many things.

they tell us what to look out for,

which way to turn and steer.

without the signs we see and need,

roads would be chaos,

unclear and unsafe.

Doors would be unmarked,

which way would we go?


Signs are all around us,

They teach us many things.

How to know when our health is down,

when we need to seek help.

Without these signs we would not know,

How is our breathing?

are heartbeats alright?

Don’t ignore symptoms,

Don’t go to the light.


Signs are all around us,

They teach us many things.

A signature is one of them,

Identity proven.

How many times do you use it?

Signing for parcels,

A letter or cheque.

constantly filled in,

But often ignored.

Day 1. Fire

Fire is a force of balance.

There are two sides to every coin.

The beauty that it holds, the way it hypnotises,

is only the first side,

Equal and opposite,

comes the destruction it will bring.


Fire is like a person.

It just wishes to be free.

A true force of nature, a wild animal,

But it needs to breathe,

To move, to be fed

It can never be caged.


Fire is the great provider.

It bestows to us great gifts.

The warmth from the cold, light in the dark,

It will serve us well,

It will see us through

But it demands our respect.


Fire is the equaliser.

The bringer of new life.

In the wild it will spread, the trees cannot fight back,

But from those ashes,

Sprouts that brand new life,

the ever thankful seedlings.


Fire is a force of balance.

A force beyond our control.

It will bring us close, make us run in fear,

Bringer of joy,

Bringer of grief,

Fire is a force of balance.